Suggestion: Read the Glossary

It’s 20 pages and composed of all the bolded items in the CFAI readings. If you’re like me and never read through the CFAI book, it’s helpful to review the glossary and learn some of the more esoteric terms that you may have glossed over or forgotten. It should go pretty quick since you should know almost all the terms already. If you learn a couple terms you’ve never seen before (Calmar Ratio, ESG Risk, Testamentary gratuitous transfer?), it might help you pick up a couple points in the PM.

ESG risk and Testamentary gratuitous transfer I know…Calmar ratio…errrr lmao. Where is this glossary located?

The Calmar Ratio and the Sterling Ratio are two risk indicators based on maximum drawdown, used to assess hedge funds. For sure won’t be an answer, but may be an incorrect answer choice. Easy way to cross it out if you know it, instead of thinking “**** is this something I’m supposed to know?”

Glossary is at the end of each book of the CFAI curriculum.

Wow haha…thanks. Pretty smart thinking.