Suggestion regarding volume queue

I am a L3 takers for the first time.I have started to study one month ago. Right now, i finish volume 2. Is there any better queue to finish volumes? I am confused a bit. Any expert suggession is welcome.



You started studying in September?!?! Come on, relax, have a few beers and enjoy the fall before you start studying.

^considering the grammar and spelling in his post, I think he is on a right track by starting this early. L3 can be a very challenging exam for a non-native English speaker.

The Level 3 material is well thought through. The perspective of the CFA level 3 candidate is not, as it is often said, that of a portfolio manager but rather of a Financial Advisor who sits in his office waiting for his first client. Knock, knock… Nice to meet you. What are your biases, your objective and constraints? want 4% p.a. plus inflation? Mmmh, what asset allocation can we set-up to achieve this? What is the opportunity set: currencies, fixed income, equity, alternative investments. Managing the risk in the portfolio? We should think about that too, even if everything will turn out just fine. Finally let’s build the portfolio in accordance with the SAA, monitor the positions and rebalance as necessary. This is the sequence of the books and going with the flow makes a lot of sense.

haha…this is hilarious and so true

Band 6 great explanation !


Try Volume 3 – then Volume 4 and 5.


Thanks a lot…

Thanks Ink. Take inspiration from criticism. Expecting more criticism from you.

What are you confused about? That it took you 1 month to go through volume 1+2? That is pretty quick!