Suggestion while it's fresh

Write down all of the answer you can remember on the morning session (do not share them with anyone). When they release the actual morning test you took (in December?) you won’t remember a thing you wrote June 1st and you’ll want to compare your answer to the guildeline answers provided. I wish I would have done that.

Congrats to all.

-Tom, CFA

I definitely blacked out in the AM session and don’t remember what I wrote, but for sure left at least 12 points blank and probably missed another 15-20 points with mistakes. How do you think my chances are?

Don’t remember any of my answers and certainly won’t be comparing in December…all I care about is the pass

I was able to put answers to everythign except like one subpart ii of one part of one question worth like 3 points. But there’s no way I can even like remember half the stuff I was answering it is like a 3 hour blur, just in some weird zone, hopefully that was my zen and I dominated only to the need of passing…

asking people to write down and remember all their answers 2 days after?? LOL

I think I erased the exam from my mind within hours after the exam

The only question i can actively recall was from the very last set of questions that I know i screwed up on and an Individual IPS question that was very different from the norm… other than that… I don’t remember anything from the A.M portion of the test.