Suggestions for Chicago quant internship?

Hi all, As the subject implies, I’m starting to look for summer internships after my first year in a PhD Finance program and I was hoping for some advice on where to apply. Obviously, there’s Citadel but I’d like to cast my net a bit wider. As it were, I’d prefer a Chicago based firm but I could be persuaded to look elsewhere if something else comes along. Thanks in advance.

What school are you at ?

whats wrong with citadel? that would be first on my list

^ | he might like to apply at more than one place to be safe?

Currently, I’m attending UIUC which from what I understand has a pretty respectable finance program. However, I’m quite undecided between industry, government, or academia so I figure an internship would be great to see if I can handle the fast paced nature of Wall Street. I know there is a good mix of financial professionals on here so I’m hoping for a few firm names or somewhere I can access them. Thanks guys.

Maybe check the jobs board at wilmott…

Lol, or NP where you posted the same thing…

here a list of firms in Chicago and many other cities

Skillionaire… you caught me :stuck_out_tongue: I like NP but it seems not quite as busy as AF. :slight_smile: Edit: volkovv, the link you provided is great. I was looking for something like that. Greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

NP’s a different animal…this is time-killing and for slacking off; there you can actually learn… [edit: however, talk to one of the headhunters over there - they’re all quite good]

Hmm… I signed up for Doostang but I was wondering if it is worth it to gain premium membership. Anyone have any good/bad experiences with it or another job site like LinkedIn?