Suggestions on order of topics to study for LII?

About to get started on LII. Does anyone have suggestions/opinions as to the most effective order in which to study the topics? Level I taught me that studying Ethics first is pointless and should be saved until the end. Aside from that, I’m wondering if I should follow the recommended order or if there are better ways to organize? This is what I’m thinking but could use suggestions: 1. Quant 2. Econ 3. FSA 4. Corp Fin 5. Equity 6. Fixed income 7. Derivatives 8. PM 9. Ethics Thanks

I would do the more conceptual subjects first, like ethics, econ, etc. then focus on the practical~ quants, fsa, etc. just review key concepts again like a week before the exam.

I agree; let the tougher concept-based topics stew in your head for as long as possible. Some new ideas take some time to really nail down. Ethics is a weekend reading anyway; I’d say just read it through now (you can find it for free on the CFA institute website if the books haven’t arrived yet), and then come back to it at the end as well with a more practical approach. List looks fine though. You gotta learn it all anyway, right?

Last year I got over 70 on FSA, Fixed Income and Equity. All the others I was over 50 except Ethics. I’m pretty sure that failing Ethics was my downfall. Anyway, don’t overlook this section or you might find youself in this forum again next year.

exact same schedule as the original poster

i feel like i’m way behind most others, but i am going to read quant/econ/fsa first. they seem to provide a solid base for the rest. it’s brutal though, because i find the second half of the curriculum much easier and more interesting.

It really depends on your background, so everyone will post something different. You should try to find a schedule that you feel comfortable with, considering your learning style. I’m doing the more quantitative subjects first (FSA, Equity, FI, Quant) and doing the other subjects last. I prefer to do the other subjects last, especially Ethics, because I tend to remember a lot more. The quantitative subjects are easier for me to learn because once you know the formulas and you can apply them, the theory and the concepts are easier to remember.

I got > 70% in all topics on level 1 and spent most time on FSA since it was so heavily tested. I read through the ethics section twice and did the questions, but I didn’t review them that much. When I was taking the exam I was thinking how tough it is to really know every ethics question. It seems like you can get down to 2 choices but its tough on some to get the right one. For level 2 I spent a long time on FSA and then I did PM since its directly related to my job. I’m guessing that the quant is necessary for equity valuation, so I’m going to do quant, then equity. I can usually pick up econ pretty quickly. Its not that big a section so I might do that, followed by corp finance. I just ordered the videos and I’m thinking of watching them in the morning and then doing the sections when I get home from work.