Suggestions on the books to touch on!!


Please advise, topics which deserves only Schweser, only curriculum, and both?

Like for Derivs i guess only Schweser should suffice. What abt others?


what makes you think Schweser is appropriate for derivatives’ readings?

Ermm…have asked a couple of people and have also read various comments here in the past… Please tell your point of view also. thanks.

If you exclude the optional crap (errata adjusted) from the CFAI text, you can get through it pretty quickly. I’ve read both schweser and CFAI derivatives, and Schweser + CFAI EOC + CFAI Blue box, should be enough for this topic.

Personally I don’t know why some people read the CFAI reading and supplements. I read Elan and do the CFAI EOC. If I can answer the CFAI EOC from just reading Elan I do not even touch the CFAI readings.

Agree with dailygrind - if you are reasonably comfortable with a topic, then Schweser + CFAI EOC + CFAI Blue Examples should be sufficient to help you pass. Of course, there are no guarantees since there’s bound to be one of those “F U” questions that reflects one small paragraph deep in the middle of a long reading.