Suggestions pls

Hi to all i am working in retail banking in operations in India Full time. I want to get into risk management area so i decided to do FRM. Is tat decision right? I am in India now. Speaking of the exam Part1 and Part 2 , Is tat possible to clear the two parts at the same time? Is there ppl cleared both the levels at the same time? Pls friends your valuable suggestions pls.

I did. Just got the result today. I’m an engineer and i studied for the exams for six months over my last semester with my final sem project and I cleared it.

I studied only from the Jorion Handbook for FRM and didn’t refer any other material.

My suggestion to you would be to go through the material and force yourself ahead even if you get stuck at certain concepts. more often than not, those concepts would clear out one you read further.

concentrate on financial markets and products and valuation and risk models for part 1

concentrate on market risk and credit risk in part 2. also, the basel accord is going to be a major part of your exam. make sure you know all the points thoroughly.

whenever you come across tough formulae, note the down and write down a few points as explanations in a notebook. regularly go through them. this is extremely important for market risk and credit risk.

carry a redbull or two in your bag. after four hours of morning exam, you’ll be completely out of energy. plus, them morning exam will always leave you short of time. too many questions, too little time.

the evening one, you’ll have a lot of time in hand because the number of theoretical questions are going to be huge.

make sure you understand option greeks thoroughly (vega risk, theta risk etc.). this is in non-linear risk models. you should also have in depth knowledge of the linear risk models. you will never get a direct question from these but will always be twisted and asked in conjunction with the finacial products. thus, if you don’t understand these, you’ll screw up the financial products section as well.

hope this helps.

all the best.

Thank you sir :slight_smile: