Suggestions plz

Hey fellas , I am done with the Schweser readings and have started giving tests, but the score is not improving. I started with Schweser Practice Tests ended up getting score between 62 - 70% which is way less. After reviewing those tests I moved Schweser Pro Q Bank , gave three tests scores - 60, 66 and 74 , settings include both intermediate and advance questions as well as questions wrongly answered. I know scores are way less and I shouldn’t be scoring less than 80% , if I have to clear the paper . I am in a fix as though wat to do now, shall I keep giving tests and analyzing them or revise the material or do final review guide book or both . My profile : I am not that much into risk management, BA wid a financial consulting firm, I have cleared CFA L1 Any input here would be appreciated.

Before you take another exam, try and go back through all the questions that you missed. Keep track of which ones they are (use sticky notes or highlighting or whatever), and try the best you can to classify these problems into different sections/aims/readings. With 30 days left to go, it’s not how much studying you can put in, it’s how intelligently you can study. Anyone can suggest you read through everything one more time, but it’s not efficient to spend an hour re-reading stuff you’re solid on. So, take a day to categorize the stuff that you’re getting incorrect and focus on the readings/topics that you’re tending to mess up on the most. Also, the next time you take a practice exam, try to keep track of which ones you know for sure and the ones you’re guessing on. Even if you get the guesses right, it doesn’t mean you know what the problem is. So make it a point to review those as well. … of course, I need to plan out my attack, 'cause I’m still wallowing in Book 2 (went through Book 1, and still have yet to touch Books 3, 4 & 5).

Build your weak areas, as long as those weak areas carry a meaninful weight in the grading of the exam.

@wat: are you just reading schweser or did you already finish the handbook? I am at chapter 21 of the handbook. only doing one in a day.

@sherbeer: I’m just reading schweser. I think I’m over-relying on the fact that I’ve studied most of the risk management topics before, so I’m hoping I’ve seen most of books 3, 4 & 5. I’m fairly certain that I hadn’t covered futures & forwards quite like the Hull readings do, so it’s taking me a while to get through those. I still have yet to crack open the Handbook, but that’s my own fault for not spending enough time with all this stuff.