suggestions to calm your nerves

what are you guys doing? I am getting hyper and as a result not able to focus on studies. What are guys suggesting?

Make love. It helps put your stress in perspective.

I went for 30min run, 15min shower then questions again …

pepp have you slept? hahahaha

I just take it as it comes. I’ll usually study for 8-10 hrs then go out and see some friends, maybe have a beer, or ride my motorcycle. It’s all a matter of how you perceive this, i treat everyday the same as it was when i working full time, except my job now is studying rather than working. Same thing, different day.

take up smokin? ive started doing that a bit again along with eating heaps of crap food. you could also try breathing techniques? i sometimes close my eyes and imagine a horizontal green line slowly running from my feet to my head and back down to my fingers. where ever the green line passes it takes away the tension in my body and when the line finally ends at my fingers u shake out all the tension. that trick sorta works for me…i guess each to their own…alternatively u could just blow kisses to your exam paper b4 u start…sorta like jason kidd with free throws.