Suggestions to newcomer

Hello, as I am in the starting phase of my career and feel little bit (say) confused need some advice. I have bachelor degree on Industrial Engineering and Economics, and currently pursuing (last semester) MSc in management engineering (more or less similar to Ind Eng but heavily mng oriented subjects). Recently, I found out CFA might be useful to get broad knowledge on capital markets and investments. I registered for the Dec sit. The content seems fairly easy hope I can pass it. (They say) I’m a math minded person, really enjoy programming (problem solving) and have intermediate knowledge on algorithms, mainly c++ language what I enjoyed to be busy as extracurricular activity during my bachelor. (again as a self-study) Have a good knowledge on math (numerical analysis).

So, I am confused from where to start. I’m applying to business analyst jobs (internships) mainly. What other career paths would you suggest me to follow? Will it be usefull If I go for any acountancy qualification CPA or ACCA. I’m open to any kind of criticism so go on and give good piece of advice to me.

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You dont seem to know what you want. First, industrial engineering would suggest operations research or a career of the like. Then you say CFA, this would suggest a career in investment management, then you say accountancy certifications??? So now you’d like to be an accountant which would suggest perhaps a career path to a controller or CFO. I’d say first decide what you want to do in life, then pursue the appropriate education. You will end up no where just by trying to accumulate degrees and designations you know very little about.

Thanks for you commet Ramos4rm. It is true that I haven’t decided yet what I really want. Msc I m doing won’t suggest carrer in OR. Because the majority of subjects are business and accountancy related, except I did quality and project managements. What would be the best way to decide on career path? I was googling and every time ending up deciding on analyst kind of careers. Then I decided to sit CFA. (assuming CFA is not only about inv mng. )


The CFA covers a wide spectrum of topics in finance but is more geared towards investment management.

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