I am enrolled for June 08 L1. I recently started a new job and I am finding the adjustment extremely difficult. I have lost month of March because of that. I have finished reading the material once but still need to do work on it a lot including giving lots of practise exams. Do you guys/gals think that buying schweser videos will help me at this stage because I am barely getting any time to re-read the material. I am hoping coming month will be easier and I can start practise exams. Thanks for all suggestions…

I relied almost exclusively on the videos for all 3 levels (but I’m a CPA with lots of relevant expereince). That being said, if you’ve gone over all of the material I think it would make a very useful review tool when combined with doing practice problems and exams, which are important in identifying your weak areas that you need to focus on.

I am a fan of the Schweser videos. But the videos alone are not sufficient. I usually listen to the video, read the slides and notes for a section before I move to the next one. So far (I am halfway thro’ accounting) the videos have made the studying process a lot easier. The FSA instructor is very good and his explanations are more detailed than the books.

I agree- FSA guy is good, so is Equity guy. I found economics section very poor. S