suggesttion required

hello, right now i have started with ethics and quants but i am getting bored with them and want to start with either equity or corporate finance or fixed income i want to know whether before starting above mention subject i have to study subject like economics or FSA . is there any interlink between subjects. will take any risk of randomly taking any book which i like . risk means knowledge requied from previous books thank you

chiank, I’m in the same boat, but I’m just going to do them in order. I’m a first time L2er, so I don’t know whether it matters or not whether you learn the subjects in order.

Same here… they obviously put them in order for a reason (or so we hope). I did the readings in order for L1 so I figure “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” (for me at least)

any suggestion from guys or girls who have completed subjects like equity or fixed income or corporate finance?

i’m about to start the fixed income volume, going in order so far i saw a couple of regression models in corp fin / equity and a little bit of FSA in equity - although mostly unrelated to L2 FSA so yeah the order is inconsequential for the most part if you can understand a regression model

Corp Finance, Equity and FSA are quite closely linked. Arguably some overlaps in Equity and Portfolio Management (e.g. multifactor models, risk premia and so on)