Anyone here wear JOS Banks suits? They are having some killer sales right now. If you’re working in private banking/wealth management, is it important to wear a better quality suit?

I wear them, but never really had the funds to afford anything better. All I can say it is it gets the job done. Can’t answer your 2nd question though.

It depends on how front office the role is within PB/PWM. JAB is great if you’re just coming out of undergrad or if you’re Ben Bernanke, he love’s JAB. I’ve seen much better sales at JAB. The best sale is the 3:1 suit deal. The one they have going right now isn’t too great.

In my experience…the 70% off sale is the best for the suits. Just wait for it.

what places are considered “quality” suits? Is it something that people really care that much about, or something they will really look down on if it’s considered cheap?

I may not be the best source, as I tend to go around with just suit pants and dress shirt [jacket stays on my coatstand for the majority of the day], but I have so-so suits and nicer shirts. Charles Tyrwhitt has pretty great shirts [for me at least] and they have sales a few times per year. Most recently they had a 50% off sale as well as a 6 shirts/$200 sale. Quality stuff, but take note that almost all of it is cut for slimmer guys - my big and tall colleagues hate them. I think they have suits too, but I’ve never heard any feedback about them.

I work in wealth MGMT and I rarely find the need to wear a suit to work unless we’re going to a client meeting. However, I have developed an unsatiable want for Charles Twyrhitt shirts and Canali ties.