Summary of LOS changes?

can anyone link me up with a summary of LOS changes for the june 2008 exam? thanks a bunch. p.s. already did a search on this forum

I called CFAI, and the rep told me that specific adds and specific omits are not available. However, according to Schweser, "Level 2 Curriculum Changes The Level 2 curriculum has changed by about 30%. A total of 19 new readings have been added, 5 readings have been substantially revised, and 21 readings from 2007 have been dropped entirely. Alternative Investments are now part of the Level 2 curriculum for the first year, and the number of Quantitative Methods and Portfolio Management LOS have nearly doubled. Unfortunately, this does not give us anything specific. As a re taker, I too am interested in this.

Here is an idea for you. Go to the CFAI website at: and compare the title of the reading and the LOS to your books from last year.

Good idea buffaloCFA. Thx.

Is there anywhere that shows from which texts the 2008 readings are pulled? It is difficult to just compare the LOS if the underlying reading is different.