summer experience in HongKong

How will experience that is finance-related perhaps in asset management or finance in industry in an MNC in Hong Kong be looked upon in Canada and US? I go to a non-target in Canada but may be able to find a decent job in the summer in Hong Kong.

man if i could land a decent job in HK id stay there for a few years, all the great dim sum and hot chinese girls i could want. theres a big theme/trend surrounding investing in china and asia, you could leverage that experence and work as a specialist for a North american fund company.

the only concern i have is that i may be too junior for that type of ‘specialist’ role. im talking about getting only a summer job in HK. whether it is enough for this leverage, im not too sure… i’m actually more interested in how it would compare to a north american internship in a similar role in terms of opportunities available after grad etc.

If your firm is a big US firm, I don’t see any problems.

How do you respond when foreign companies ask, are you eligible to work here? I say no, but some use the words “legally able”, which I am not, and others ask “eligible to”, which I am. Do you think its a good idea to apply for papers before applying to a position? Thanks.