Summer officially starts in 2 weeks!!!!!

Thats the way im hyping myself , instead of the “exam is in 2 weeks”.

The monsoon clouds reach the southern tip of India in about 2 weeks bringing much needed relief from the sun.

Life begins in 2 weeks

In 2 weeks I officially start to work on getting rid of this fr$%^in double chin I developed since I started this program! I think this has been my sole motivation of getting this thing done once and for all.

yeah, even my dog has gained weight!

yea i’ve been growin a nice spare tire sitting on my ass studying since college …it needs to go away. It’ll be begin june 8th. but i thought you were suppose to gain weight in college… i’ve been doing the opposite. Can’t wait to be walking out of that exam room around 5pm. It is going to feel so very good.

I’ve lost almost 40lbs since starting level one (and that’s not good). The prospect of being done for 2 months, and possibly forever, makes me giddy. First stop on June 8, the gym.