Sunday...Full study day?

Hi guys, will you study the whole day this sunday? I will… djafldjlfjaldfjaldka…no life at all!!!

No I was thinking of laying outside and reading the Sunday paper. Afterwards I’m going to play a relaxing 18 holes. Then get a stiff drink afterwards with dinner ;-). I only wish. SS16 here I come!

sunday fun day of 120Q Book 6 test then review.

yep mock exam day today… 65% :((( good luck

CFA mock? I do better on CFA questions than book6. I am not sure why, anyone else feel the same? i got 65’s on book 6 and then did 80 CFA questions, got a 78?

I am just going through all the curriculum while doing as many LOS I can. I did 863 questions (since I started the revision) with a average of 75%.

no that was book 6 exam2 pm session I still haven’t tried the CFAI exam cause I want to improve econ, some parts of FSA and SS16

My goal for today is, Read Readings 51, 40 Problems for Inventory, Capitalization vs Expense, Yield Measures, interest rate risk, and SS13 and about 4 hrs at analyst forum handling most problems.

Schweser Final Review seminar…

Revising Corp. Fin. & Portolio Mgmt…

Going over Mock exam questions, and over them and over them. I need to be faster on the basics and read up on a few concepts I forgot about like trade discounts.

I wasted whole saturday night drinking in chi-town and just got up, with nothing remaining in Sunday. My disaster areas are - ethics and corporate finance. I plan on working on them and if time remains give another Book 6 test

Amber - did you print mock exam questions ? You said will go over them again. Print scr function work ?

strangedays how do you track the number of los questions you have taken and the success rate?

counting :slight_smile:

Thunder, you can print the answers. If you read them over shortly after you take the mock exam most of the wrongness of what you did comes flooding back! Plus they tell you exactly what pages the question came from. Good stuff.

Just finished Schweser book six exam. I scored a 64%, up from yesterdays 56%, and my best yet on the Schweser exams. Still not good enough, but at least I made a little progress towards the 70% margin. I don’t get it. Last week I score 61%, yesterday 56%, then today 64%. No time to ponder, I have 240 questions to review.

Only review the ones that you are getting incorrect, or were uncertain during exam but somehow got it correct. When I do my exams, I am going to put a ? mark next to any question with which I am not 100% confident. so that I can review it. Btw today I overspent my time on thsi forum. Have only got 10 problems done. Does anyone know how to handle the essay type questions for FSA in the readings? I am starting to panic now.

I would just note the figures and what they are for and what the question is asking for and work from there. Not to let the extra words cause confusion with irrelevant information.

Ellejay Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Schweser Final Review seminar… I saw that seminar Were online or in the classroom live?