Things should be a lot better now as mgmt can focus a bit with this Tepper sideshow gone.

So much for that thesis. This thing is a train wreck!

If I was this wrong this regularly, I’d do serious reevaluation. I think it’s been awhile since we experienced a credit downcycle and the combination of the emerging market / energy story and cheap financing lulled a lot of people into a kneejerk indiscriminate, “it’s down, ergo it must be cheap” mindset.

Agreed, glad I took my medicine and got out when I did. Still held onto a few shares but not enough to make any significant impact. Lesson learned on that trade.

^ I’m weird about not investing in things I don’t feel I have a very deep understanding on. It’s why even though I’m 100% positive there are great deals in the oil market right now, I don’t buy anything, although I am starting to slowly try to learn more about it. Anytime I venture outside of my wheelhouse I just get smoked. When I watch college football I only ever watch a single conference through the season for the same reason. I just don’t like not having a good understanding of what I’m looking at.

Yea I would have been wise to follow that logic. I have had some luck on short term trades catching a falling knife, shouldnt have tried to extend the logic on a company whose business plan I dont really understand. Learned a lesson, thankfully not a terribly expensive one. Will have to put it in the bank for future reference when I see a similar situation next time.

Side note- college football bit, that for real or just an example? If so whats your conference? Outside of Penn State I tend to watch the most SEC, although I still catch the occasional Big 10/Big 12/Pac 12

I only watch SEC. I’m guessing you’re a Penn State grad, I grew up in central PA so all of my friends went there, it’s like my second campus, even took some courses there. I go to at least a game each year.

My college didn’t have a football team so I wound up getting into LSU for the Mad Hatter coaching style in the mid 2000’s just after Les Miles took over as well as the speed and defense. It’s not that other conferences can’t be good, the field is leveling out, but I like the defensive focus and I think there’s a high level of play throughout the conference so you wind up with a lot of very good storylines and in season games. I try to make an annual Death Valley pilgrimage but since the kid no dice. I’m contemplating the Bama game this year.

It’s cool because when you follow a conference as a sort of arms length fan and watch almost all of the conferences televised games (as opposed to just a single team’s) you’re much more aware of underrated players (like Derrick Henry for the first half of the year) and the strength of their lines and defenses which matter the most. I can usually make one or two good upset calls a year on that. The best running back out there is mostly just a product of a strong line and a good running back can be hidden by a weak line. Look at Fournette’s production against Bama (or lack thereof) versus Henry’s in that same game as a prime example. Did one just suddenly stop being a good back while the other dominated? I think that’s one thing that always got me about BIG 12 and PAC12, they always look good on highlight reels but that’s primarily because lines are just non-existant in those conferences.

Not a PSU grad I went to an even more hacksaw state school, just always been a PSU fan. The games are a blast, sadly I dont get to make it out that often.

Agree 100% with the SEC style of football. I love the mindset and the way the game is played in that conference. My hope has been Urban Meyer coming to OSU will bring that mindset into the Big 10. Death Valley has always been on my list of places I would love to go catch a game, I generally enjoy the atmosphere at college games more than pro and I dont know that it gets more intense than Bama/LSU. I saw Bama when they came and played in Happy Valley a few years ago and the Bama people were a blast as well.

Games are won on Defense & in the trenches they always say. A good running game is key, and you need a line that can make gaps, and a RB that can slip through them. Interested to see how Henry makes the jump to the NFL after Richardson got there and we saw how much of his production was based on that Oline. Pretty excited to see what kind of year Sequon Barkley at PSU has this year. He was about the one player that looked good (thrashed OSU for almost 200) inspite of that terrible Oline last year. Pac 12 teams (outside of USC in the Carrol days) always seem to be lackluster playing out of conference.

Yeah, I would give my left nut to have Miles recruit a good QB again. The year with Mettenberger, Landry and Beckham Jr. was the most fun I’ve watched.

^jeremy hill

Well this is a disaster. Preferred dividend suspended, bankers pulling financing for VSLR acquisition. Still not selling though because my big position is now 83% smaller so the downside is pretty limited at this point.

Live and learn. Not sure what I actually learned here though.

I’m going in at this point palantir. F it

You are buying? I wouldnt recommend it. The story just keeps getting worse and worse. This stock could be at 20 in 2 years, or it could be at 0. The latter seems more likely.

If you are serious, it’s not a terrible idea. It’s a binary situation - either it goes to 0 or shoots up (hopefully). Position sizing is key.

True, if you skip going out to lunch one day just buy the shares with that amount of money. You wont be any worse off and at worst missed out on a lunch. Its a POS.

I’ll throw a couple k at it

worth rolling the dice on with a small allocation

18% spike much?

come at me BS!!

you get in yesterday Stallion?