Nice. I 'm putting everything in cash today. I’ll probably look like an idiot, but I’ve had a nice streak and things are starting to look a little too exciteable for me.

Nice, congrats Stallion.

Im in a similar spot BS. Heading on vacation after next week so I am taking a little risk off the books

SUNE bros

sune crying

Still holding onto this thing Stallion? Seems like for every good news story there are 2 bad ones.

SuNE for life . Down 48 percent today

Ouch this thing is terrible just came here to check this thread. The tiny bit I am holding is down like 75%, glad I sold the majority of my position a while ago. What a mess

The ol’ buy high sell low

broken heart

I closed out my position at $1.60. Cost basis: $9.

^can you afford a sbux?

no, a sbux costs $60 now.

Someone put a fork in it.

And this circus ends in a clown show…

I got out at 1.20. I really wanted to love this stock, I really did

does anyone know why Bro changed his username?

guestuser Nov 17th, 2015 4:12pm

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Is that Bromion? Maybe it had some hint to his personal info.

S&P 400 dropped it today.

GG NT. Now that SUNE is headed to the infamous land of SUNE-Q. Do we have any buyers? Does empirical evidence show that these de-listed companies during re-org that get assigned the letter Q have a sharp bounce back before it drops back down to 0 when the new stock is issued? Is it worth the gamble? I only like gambling when I have Vegas House Odds.