SUNE down 18% today. and down around 75% over the past few months. lots of institutional selling, probably made worst with the end of the quarter… I picked up a little today around $7… seems to be lots of debate about this stock, thought I would see what the AF community thinks?

$0 price target…

Add SCTY to the list!

if Glencore is in trouble, SUNE has to be in trouble too. just too much debt.

I was mooting adding to my investment this morning. Now I’m thinking I should just light my money on fire instead.

^ says basically every solar investor in history.

2 bucks

2 bucks is book value and no growth?

I’d rather go buy a Yieldco on the cheap right now with a bunch of contracted solar assets if I wanted in this space. Why take the risk when juicy returns are sitting there on long-term contracted solar production?