Sunny Day in Philly

I thought it was always sunny in Philadelphia?

Does that child have a sword? Looks like a war zone dude.

I mean, I thought the snakes were notable.

Can confirm - I was in Berwyn all week last week. Pythons are everywhere. Stay safe Philly brah’s.

I hope those people stoop 'n scoop!! And where are the leashes???

Meh! I’m pretty sure I can outrun a python. Not concerned. Carry on, awesome Philadelphians! (no one likes us, we don’t care :wink:)

Seems you guys are pretty strict on loitering too.

Yeah, I wouldn’t worry about a python catching you. They generally hang out in trees anyway. Then they fall out of them onto their prey.

Keep your eyes to the skies.

Most great inventions take their inspiration from nature. The invention of shoelaces were based on snakes.