Sunnydale case

In 2017 mock test PM

The question is “Based on Exhibit 1, which of the statements in the Gardiner-Parkway IPS prepared for Marjorie is most appropriate?”

Doesn’t Marjorie have a multi-stage time horizon? 1st stage is 4 years, 2nd stage is 22 years?

Has anyone done this question in 2017 mock exam PM?

I did but missed that question, too. Sorry.

Sorry, I’m not doing the CFA MCQ mock until the 20th.

That Sunnydale case though…

Longer to read than an AM, longer to answer than an AM… What the bloody **** was that

I did it wrong for this question too. Anyone can share any insights?

Thx in advance.

see support for anna, she is planning to support anna till anna is 35

I dont understand why is there anything wrong with the planned donation, if she sell the stocks there would be enough liquidity no??

If that case was given on AM exam it would be easily a 30min question. There, they want you to answer in roughly 18 minutes and you get no partial credit. Good practice but holy shit, if they are stupid enough to give a question like that on an exam in MC format im going to skip right through it. Waste of time.

Oh, it is support for Anna that makes the case , a three stage time horizon.

there is currently not enough liquidity in terms of her cash. Stock in SSE is in concentrated position, it is not included as cash equivalents.

The case is complicated, it could take me one hour to do it… it is impossible to do the case well in the exam give the time constraint.

all of this. what a frigging joke. because I did it online, I was forced to work through it (another issue with opting to do MC online CFAI exams - it’s 2017, you can’t find a testing platform that allows you to skip and come to a question???). this segment took me double the time and it was a race against the clock for next 2+ hours. still managed a 72 but i’m kind of furious they would even give us something so hideous.

The offer didn’t exist when the prior IPS was made - she couldn’t have sold any positions.