Many of the regulars here have already left, but I felt compelled to write this anyway. It is time for me to leave AF. I have found this site to be very informative, accepting (after initial hazing), cooperative and funny. I have racked up over 6,400 posts in my 2.5 years here and made many friends. There is NO doubt that if I hadn’t found this place I wouldn’t have passed the CFA exams. I have always been excited by a challenge, and though most reading this will think I am nuts, I will really miss the CFA exams. It was fun to compete on a global field and test your wits against some of the brightest in our field (many of whom are on AF). The last 3 years have been some of the toughest of my life. Many of the regulars know that my mother-in-law was diagnosed with liver cancer just as I started level II prep. I had given up trying for that year until she approached me and asked me to give it a shot. I had a very short timetable, but really wanted to pass for her. I know I was able to do it because of AF and I will always be grateful to those who helped. Level III was even worse. She passed away on March 3rd of this year. It was hard to pick up the books afterwards, but I really wanted to finish it because she knew how important it was to our firm (she worked in our family business) and me. Passing this year was bittersweet. It felt good because I was done and I know that is what she wanted, but it also meant I closed the last chapter on her. I have taken far more than I gave to this place, but I tried to help as much as I could. If you are reading this I hope I helped you in some way. If you want to reach me you can get me at mwvt99 at gmail dot com. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, mwvt9

I have been an observer here for a long time and have read your posts. Best of luck with all your endeavors!

Thank you mwvt, I will soon be browsing through previous threads and am sure to find your name along the way. One chapter ends, another begins. Best of luck to you with the family and your career.

thank you, man. you have been one of the most important people on the forum for me. appreciate all your help over the years. i’ll be in touch.

mwvt9, good luck bro. I am signing off as well. You, Bankin’ and Smarshy were the best posters on here. It was all worth it. Later. Beet Farmer, CFA

Quite the nice run, mw (6K posts?!?!?). Will miss you as a candidate, but glad to have you as a friend.

mwvt9, You can be proud for both earning your charter and what you have given here. You have definitely helped me get over the finish line as well. All the best to you. sterling

Man, reading that was almost as hard as seeing my results. Can’t explain how proud I am for you mwvt9. (Can’t believe I’m saying that to a Pens fan :-)). Such an inspirational post to show that the CFA is not the end all be all. To quote one of my favorite movie lines from Remember the Titans…“Hall of fame in my book.” Thanks for all your well wishes, support and knowledge through this past year. If I decide to go forward this year, there will be many posters I am going to miss, and you my friend will be right at the top of that list. Even though I didn’t make it you were one of those that pushed me to do my best right up to the bitter end. I’ll never forget that. Sincerely wish you all the best. P.S. Just in case, drop by next August when results come out.

mwvt9- nobody sold the under on themselves better than you over the years… but we all knew you were good to go. you’ve been a lock since day 1 and i was fortunate enough to dork out for 2 tests with you. good luck in post-cfa time, wife, kids, golf game, and all of the other stuff that matters. it’s been a pleasure on and offline- you’re a good egg. feel free to drop in next year to teach me how to attack this level so it only takes me one shot.

mwvt9, Congrats on obtaining the charter. You have been a great asset to AF and all the users here. Log in from time to time and drop a line, I’ll be here (hopfeully for just another year). Cheers NVC

Congrats on everything, best of luck in the future

mwvt, You were the lifeblood of the CFA Level III Forum for the class of 2009. You were always here offering help throughout our studies and I feel confident anyone that searches a tough Level III topic will find your fingerprints on it. I’m thrilled that we have swapped contact info and I’m confident we’ll stay in touch, but Analyst Forum is losing one of its strongest and most selfless members. Your leaving is a sign that it’s time for me to move on as well. ****************************************************************** Shrute Farms, I don’t deserve to be included with mwvt or Smarshy, but thank you very much. You’ve done the most with the fewest posts on this Forum and you also have the best handle. Send me your contact info to so we can stay in touch. ****************************************************************** As a tribute to the each of you, here is a thread in which I was dead wrong and both of you put me in my place:,908361,908375#msg-908375

mwvt9, I followed your posts regularly and benefitted from them. Wish you good luck in your future plans.

Enjoy Memorial Day weekend for those you are leaving behind (and those that are no longer with you). Exam or not, that weekend will forever hold a special meaning to those that mingled with the CFA and for that reason it sounds like it will also hold a more important meaning to you. Good luck.

Mwvt, You’ve been an inspiration. Good example of how to overcome adversity, stick to your guns, and accomplish what you went after. It’s sad to see you go from AF but it’s the best outcome for you going 3/3. Bummed I didn’t make it in your graduating class but I’ll be there on the directory with you here in a year. It’s been nice having you on the forum and nice to know off AF. Good luck on all your business ventures and most importantly continue being a good family guy. Take care of yourself. Your posts and insights will be missed. Please drop by every once in awhile and slap us around with your knowledge.

Thanks for all the kinds words. And just to clarify, I am not gone for good. Me and the CFAI have some unfinished business. I have some good buddies you aren’t quite done yet and you never leave a man behind. So I will be around, but for now I am taking a break. I am pretty sure at some point I became addicted to AF and it is time to break the addiction.

Mwvt9, The fight would not have been the same without you. You will be missed.

Hey mwvt9, Like most others mentioned, your posts have been inspiring and informative… I’ll be in touch! Good luck and God Bless.

wow mwvt9 leaving - this indeed is a sad day at AF. You will be truly missed. We had a great great time bouncing back intelligent thoughts off each other at L2 and I wished we had graduated the same year at L3. Hope to stay in touch offline, good luck and god bless.

Good luck mwvt9! … enjoy your break :slight_smile: