Sup Fellas, Retakers?

Whats up peeps? Haven’t been on this site for awhile. I failed lvl 2 in June so I was pretty crushed for a month or 2 but whatever I’m over it now and ready to try again. It was near impossible to study for lvl 2 after passing lvl 1 in December. Kudos to those who did it, cause it was hard work staying locked in for that long. Anyways, I already started reading over some stuff just to keep it fresh. Should be finished with book 1 some time next month. Def sticking with all CFAI stuff this time around, forget Stalla. I was so underprepared it wasn’t even funny. Even though I did well on the CFAI and Stalla practice exams, the real thing wasn’t even close…at all. No surprises this time around. All CFAI books/questions/exams. Then I’ll do stalla lectures/tests and use their books for review purposes. Well, just wanted to say what’s up to all those who are retaking it with me and to all those who are doing it for the first time. Congrats to those that moved on to lvl 3…

You should definitely be over it. I’m having a hard time getting motivated to start studying just now, after taking level last june. I couldn’t imagine taking L2 six months after L1.

it was rough. I wouldn’t really call me reading book 1 studying. I’m just casually reading over the material, taking my time. Studying would be me not going to Atlantic City this weekend but instead staying in to read lol


Thanks for the tip, JP. So are you saying that I should not even bother purchasing Stalla or Schweser? I am currently going through the CFAI text books but I may need the focus of the likes of Stalla and Schweser after the large text books.

Welcome back! Going through the material the 2nd time over is alot easier, isn’t it? I’m going to be near Atlantic City late November/December, how are the poker rooms down there?

Casinos are awesome, clubs are nice but can be expensive but that is to be expected. Like a mini Vegas. I personally, will be sticking to reading the CFAI books this time around. When reading the CFAI books I feel that you get a good feeling of what they want you to know, what the main point of the paragraph is as compared to Stalla where they take 2-3 pages of CFAI text and make it a 3 sentence paragraph. Yes, it’s less material and gets to the point a lot quicker but u don’t really get a grasp of the point their trying to make. Plus if you read 3 pages on a topic compared to 1 paragraph, chances are come test time you’re going to remember reading those 3 pages and doing 2 examples (which are like case studies) compared to reading that short paragraph from Stalla. Listen, this is personally how I feel and it is strictly my opinion. Everyone studies different and I feel for me, reading the CFAI books will put me in the best position to pass this sucker, second time around. At least that’s what I’m banking on lol. I’m still gonna use the Stalla material. I’ll prob use the books to go over the main concepts/equations and I’ll def watch the lectures and use the PowerPoint slides but again my main material will be the CFAI books.

Did anyone study for it the first time and feel like they were going to kill the test and ended up failing?

Yea def. I thought I was going to do well that’s for sure. A lot of people thought they were going to do really well and wound up failing but whatever, doesn’t mean anything. Just study and do your best, that’s all you can do.

JP_RL_CFA Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > it was rough. I wouldn’t really call me reading > book 1 studying. I’m just casually reading over > the material, taking my time. Studying would be > me not going to Atlantic City this weekend but > instead staying in to read lol i’ll be at the borgata poker room saturday…2-5 NL

failed band 10 in june 09, was crushed for a long time. getting back on the saddle on dec 1.

This is my first post… Passed L1 in Dec 08 and given the cosmic alignment of the universe I thought I was well prepared to take L2 in Jun 09. Needless to say, I got crushed taking L2 and I knew I was in deep trouble within minutes of sitting for the exam. Moving on…I just got the CFAI texts and study notes and I now find myself in a rut and unable to get myself motivated as I did in early in '09. Anyway, I am sure I will find that groove as the days pass by but I guess my only bit of useful advise for my fellow retakers ( and my updated strategy) for June '10 is to hit “all” EOC questions regularly and often. I think these questions are golden and I did not discover the value of these questions until it was too late. Good Luck to Everyone!

Round 2, good luck and don’t worry it takes time to get back into study mood but once u get passed ethics or book 1, it’ll get better again. the Show NY good to see a familiar name. Sad to hear that you didn’t pass but whatever, it happened and there is nothing that we can do to change it but learn from our mistakes and get up and try again.

thanks jp, have come to grips with it and know its not the end of the world. looking forward to seeing you on here in the winter and spring to bounce quesitons off of and then murdering this fucker in june.

I passed level 1 in Dec 08, and failed level 2 in June of 09. All I know is that the material seems to be a lot easier having to read though it a second time. When I took level 2 in June I only had enough time to get through reading the CFAI texts, I had no real time to do any question. I have already started studying back in the beginning of Oct which will allow me to have plenty of time to read all of the CFAI texts and do all of the questions. Hopefully this time I will come out with much better results.