Sup Greenie

You jealous brah? I was killing some brisket over the weekend.

That’s nothing. You should see what Oscar pistorius was killing this weekend

Looks good, but I’d still advise you to go visit the real Kreuz down in Lockhart. (Just make sure you have an appetite when you go.) While you’re there, you can go to Black’s (my favorite), or Smitty’s.

And only about a 30-minute drive south of Lockhart is Luling, where you can go to City Market.

Then, when you’re all fat and happy, you can go to the Riverwalk in San Antonio or go to Sixth Street in Austin. (Personally, I don’t particularly like either one–they’re just not my scene. But both are good experiences.)

Did you get the job in Dallas? When will you know?

^ Honestly, the job is not in Dallas, but now I have the massive craving for BBQ, so add Dallas to my short list of new places to work. I was visiting some grad school friends and had a wonderful time. The weekend went by too fast though.

Mmmm… maybe I’ll run over to Dinosaur BBQ for lunch today.

is that beef or horse?

So, CvM, since you have some basis of comparison, how is Lockhart BBQ compared to Dinosaur BBQ?

Lockhart, hands down.