Superbowl 2014 Volunteer

Anyone in the area sign up for this? I’m going to be standing in Hoboken for a few hours that weekend helping tourists find their destination. You’ll get some custom NFL Superbowl type clothes and there is a party from what I understand. Has anyone done this before in another location?


Some guy in my office volunteered for America’s Cup (sailing thing). He got like over $100 worth of free stuff. That event was grossly overfunded.

Sick. I’ll do it and throw it on my resume under the philanthropy heading.

Didn’t even know there was such a thing. I’d be all over that if I were still single and childless. I know several people who have “volunteered” for golf tournaments and they enjoyed it.

If anyone signs up and is near Hoboken select the PATH terminal there on Saturday and Sunday at 1PM to meet yours truly. Or come ask a question and gawk at me :stuck_out_tongue:

^ Solid. We should originate an official AF handshake/gesture to determine affiliation.

I once registered to be a volunteer at the winter olympics but never got a call back.