supplementing Schweser?

Does anyone have recommendations on practice exams and/or online questions that more closely mimic the style of the actual exam? In 2011 I faithfully completed all the Schweser materials and the CFAI questions (did not read all the source texts but will do so this time) but when I got to the point of taking the CFAI practice exams I found the question style to be quite difference and much more challenging. I did not feel adequately prepared for the actual exam and finished in level 8. Any suggestions for this time?

Did you get the additional Schweser practice tests, or did you just do their EOC questions?

I did four out of the six Schweser practice exams and the CFAI ones. I also did most of the Qbank questions during preparation. I found the Schweser materials to be great for understanding the curriculum but not so great for preparing for the item set format.

YES … this is what I feel now. during Level 1 prepration ( passed ) all things are OK. But now I do not know what is the best supplementing provider. My boss has CFA and he told me to study dirctly from the CFAI books !!! but he is very smart and hard worker !! I feel I will lose my control if I study direct from CFAI books.

i think you can purchase additional sample tests from some link on the CFAI website for both L1 and L2. i didn’t use it for either so can’t comment on their quality… but i’m pretty sure others have mentioned using those tests on other threads…

Since the experts are giving free expertise, I don’t want to know whether to supplement Schweser or to read only from CFAI. My question is very simple - what will be on the exam. I wil figure out where to study from myself!

I failed L2 Band 8 too using primarily schweser. 2nd time around I studied more hours and only used CFAI.

Everybody has their own stories of failing and passing the exams…I personally only used Schweser in level 2 and passed. I have a friend who only used CFAI and passes. I know people who started with one, failed, then switched to the other and passed… long story short, just prepare the most you can with whatever you feel comfortable with. If you feel like you don’t understand what schweser is talking about, then go to CFAI books…if schweser makes sense, then stick with it because it has everything you need (as long as you know fully understand everything) best of luck, and don’t pay much attention to people who say to use one over the other (it’s entirely subjective)