Support Group?

My wife asked me if there was a support group website out there for spouses/significant others of CFA candidates. Is there such a thing? Analyst Forum should consider creating a sister site just for that purpose. Meanwhile, is the wait until August 19th torturing anyone else? I can’t get my freakin’ mind off this test…and dare I say the possibility of being done with this program for good. A weeklong vacation being inebreated basically everyday did not do the trick. Going out with buddies on the weekends has not done the trick. It’s bad enough that the test itself sucks up so much time, but the wait. I don’t remember going crazy like this waiting for the results of L1 & L2. Somebody shoot me! Suggestions are welcome.

yes, please, somebody shoot him and end his misery

Just consider the statistical fact that you’re more likely to fail than pass, so realistically you should be thinking about studying for next year’s exam instead of fantasizing about having the letters behind your name in big, bold, helvetica, italicized 28 font on your business card.

thanks farley. that’s very uplifting.

Support group for wives? That would be the summer intern at their office, he’ll take care of that void you’ve left while hitting the books for 250+ hours.

Come to think of it, maybe I should organize a support group for wives…

I’m sure our “alternative” support group would see increased activity around the second half of Aug, as their partners wallow in self-pity for a couple of weeks following the 36% pass rate announcement. I’ll just have to make sure I stick my Charter on the ceiling (headboard?) to really drive the point home during “counselling sessions.”

I think my wife is actually more anxious about the results than I am. Is there a support group for spouses of spouses of candidates?

JoeyDVivre Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Come to think of it, maybe I should organize a > support group for wives… i can just picture this - at joey’s playboy mansion…while the guys are growing long beards studying their libido off for the dang test.