Not sure if any other 90’s kids here loved the soda Surge which was sadly scrapped in 2003. You may be aware Coke brought it back through amazon. I myself bought 4 cases last December. Well now we have this AWESOME NEWS!

Wasn’t that the stuff that had some ungodly amount of caffeine in it?

I dont believe it was much different from Mt Dew, I think thats just an urban legend. I was really excited to mix it with alcohol, but was not impressed with the result. It is still just as good as i remembered it though

back by popular demand

I thought you were talking about my second favorite character from Beverly Hills Cop – y’know the guy to whom Axel says, “Get the fuck out!” and he replies, “No, no I cannot”.


56 grams of sugar!

the theme song to beverly hills cops was my ringtone for just about as long as get it now was available on phones

Surge Slurpee will be life changing. Chuck in like 2 of those mini bottles of vodka at the register of the liquor store and youre good to go

it was Mountain Dew which surged over the side of the Pepsi vats, collected in the dredge tanks, then sold to Coke. They repackaged it and called it Surge.

In general, Coke beverages > Pepsi Beverages, but Mt. Dew > Surge. (And Gatorade > Powerade, too.)

Disagree about mt dew > surge, but nobody can argue Gatorade > Powerade. Wild Cherry Pepsi > Cherry coke also. Regular coke is so far superior to pepsi it is not even worth talking about

I don’t think I ever had Surge, but Mt. Dew is awesome. If I still drank soda, I’d be a Mt. Dew addict.

Higg if you see a surge by you, i suggest you grab one and at least give it a try! But yea I really dont drink much soda anymore unless its a mixed drink. Cutting back on soda has helped me drop a few pounds which is nice

Reminds me of Jolt Cola from the later 80’s. Anyone remember that one?

If they add it to the machines at Five Guys or Wegmans, I’ll give it a shot.

That I tried, tasted like crap.

^That’s the one with all the caffeine.

Whatever the hell Cult Cola is puts them all to shame though.

nothing beats Tab Cola!

I bought a 12 pack for my first all-nighter in college. Didn’t seem to help me all that much.

I remember the tag line was “Twice the sugar and all the caffeine”, or maybe it was “Twice the caffeine and all the sugar,” or something like that.

Never drank it again. It didn’t taste all that great.

If it weren’t for the now-debunked studies linking saccharin to cancer, there might be no Diet Coke and TaB would be the king of diet sodas.

how can you drink anything with more than 500mg of caffeine in like 5 mins and live? wouldn’t you basically turn into Jason Statham in Crank?