Surprise Pass

Anyone who thought they had failed Level 1 but on results day found out they passed. How does it feel. Seems its going to be the case for many come 23 July.

Honestly I don’t think there’s too many thought who thought they failed and then found out they passed.

However there’s certainly l lot of people who thought the passed, then thought they failed vacillate between the two for a while and finally conclude they have no idea before their shaking hand clicks to open the email telling them they passed…

or not.

A lot of people are sure they failed and they are much more likely to be right than those who are sure they passed.

My advice, and I know it’s not easy, try not to think about it too much, you’ll know in a week, (or three).

Good Luck

I fear the worst, but that doesn’t mean i expect to fail necessarily. Ethics could really take me either way I feel.

i dont want surprises

I was absolutely sure I had failed level 2 last year. I got next to no sleep the night before, felt terrible during the exam, and afterwards as well. I had felt much more confident the year before when I had failed band 10. And somehow I managed to pass.

In my opinion, you have to go into as such: One way or the other, I’m studying again in January. If it’s for the Level II exam, at least I won’t need 6 months this time.

Long as you tried your best, you’ve accomplished something most people never have an opportunity to do!

If I really think, i sould fail band 10. I keep thinking about surprise pass everyday!

can’t wait for the suprise to reveal…going to be a long wait on the D day…all the best everyone!

LVL I passing was a complete surprise. I did very little studying, maybe 20 hours

I barely missed out on passing LVL II in 2008 after a long vacation and very little study, maybe 40 hours total, 90th percentile of those not passing (band 10 nowadays), maybe missed 3-4 questions and could have gotten the MPS. Derivatives, FX portion of Econ and Soft Money Standards portion of Ethics were the areas that sunk me.

I studied in a much more disciplined manner than anything before in my academic career this time around. However, it was still minimal amount compared to a lot on AF and what is recommended by the CFA Institute. My total study program was 6 weeks @ 15 Hrs a week with week one was about 5 hours and week 6 about 30 :slight_smile:

I’m a lot more confident than last time but I would not be surprised if I failed.


You passed level 1 with less than a day of study?

Never heard of that before.

Ya same here, I call BS

20 Hours =/= one day of study. I studied about an hour a day for the three weeks leading up to the exam as I knew most of the material already and focused on the stuff I didn’t know well.


Don’t take it to heart guys if he studied 20 hours then so be it. All that matters is your own result - go get em tomorrow!