Surprise phone interview

Do you guys just hate those surprise phone interview? It always catches me off guard. Most of time, I do not even remember the jobs I applied for since I sent out my resumes to at least 5 places daily. I really have trouble answering some of the specific questions regard to the position. When they say, we will contact you after further consideration in a few days, you just know it is over. Any phone interview experts here have good advices for me?

keep an excel spreadsheet handy. i suggest you use a summary tab with the firm name, job, date applied, method of application and stuff you submitted and any other high level details. I would hyperlink the job to another tab in excel - there you will store the specifics of your app - cover letter and job descriptio. highlight key things that you like about the job when you paste it in. make sure you include a hyperlink back toyour summary page. This is key as your file grows… By using an excel file, assuming you are close to your computer when they call, you can pull up excel, link directly to the job details and know your stuff very quickly. This takes about 3-5 minutes per job you apply to, so the time required to maintain this can add up. But its an investment in getting through the HR mess to the job you like.

If it such an issue, don’t take calls from unkown phone numbers or simply say that you are busy at the moment and would like to set up another time to speak.

When I’m looking for a job, I just let my voicemail answer when the unknown number pops up on my caller id And keep track of where you are applying, what was the name of the person u spoke to if you called in, time, day, short description, it helps.

its proper etiquette to specify a time that they can call again where you’ll be ready.

People schedule phone calls all of the time. And you want to give the impression that you are a busy person, and not just sitting around waiting for them to call.

Thanks for the advice.