SURVEY - exercises of CFAI (not EOC)

Hi Brave Ones, I would be glad to have your inputs regarding a simple theme. Regarding the exercises of CFAI, not the ones at the end of each reading, do you: a) do them all b) just skim over the solutions c) don’t even bother, just do the ones at the end of the reading Thanks all. The reason why I am asking this is that I’ve been comparing the “typical long exercise” throughout the reading with the typical one at the end of each reading and I found the former too dense when compared to what we are required to do in the latter…just want to know if I should only skim over the big ones…well, only a time management issue. t

C! I usually do the ones that look like the vingettes, towards the end, unless i’m having trouble with a particular topic i will do the “mind-numbing” ones in the beginning

Brave ones?

Yes, Brave Ones, If you don’t feel you belong just ignore the thread…why even bother answering?

Ok Brave one, sorry.

HAHA!!! tigas!!! when are people just going to leave you alone??? haha. my approach has been to read through, summarise into my own notes, and now i am working back through doing ALL problems - those in the reading and EOC. apart from REsidual Income chapter, so far there has been alot of similarity in both but also, they are where you learn alot of the concepts plus things that aren’ talked about in the chapter itself. i say work through them, as helps going through EOC q’s

I’m doing B right now, gonna start doing C in early 2010 so I can brush up on SS’s I haven’t read in a while.

wake2000, remember if you are not a brave one, do not join the thread. I might rejoin this thread tomorrow if I feel brave. Goodbye.

Do b, important to know how things actually work before attempting the end of chapter practice problems.

by excersises you mean examples?

Probably will change from a) to b).