Survey for people with non financial background

I would like to know how many of you, sitting for CFA exams, could tell me their age and from which background are you (I precise only those with non financial background) ?Please also specify which levels are you sitting for.

22 level 1 dec08 engineering. And u?

28 level 1 dec08 plant breeding (yeehaw)

33 L1 12/08 SAP business analyst

25 Level I June 09 Engineering Physics

Well, yep sorry I forgot to say what I am doing. 28 yr old guy who just finished his PHD in microelectronics beginning of this year and currently working as a research engineer. Sitting for L1 exams in June. It’s pretty hard coz I don’t have any financial background. This is why I wanted to know how many people without any prior finance education are taking the test.

26 Level I June 2009 Comp Engineering

26 level 1 masters in comp science

38 L1, June09 Civil Engineering Project Controls Mexico Regards all

21 Level 1, Dec 08 Entrepreneurship & International Business

22 level 1 Not finance

24 level ii '09 electrical engineering

23 Level 1 Applied Science in Design

27 Level 1 Dec 08 Engineering and Math

23 Level I June 2009 Biomedical Engineering