Survey:for those who are reimbursed for CFA exams

My company is developing policy for CFA’s exams reimbursement. Asked for the employees’ feedback as well. So i’d like to survey the details - - what type of companies pay for the registration and the extra materials (schweser and stalla etc) and how much? - are there any conditions attached with the reimbursement e.g work for the company at least a year after the payment etc

My company pays for things based on specific negotiation…I get a review course and the full cost of the exam if I pass. They reimbursed this on level 1 and I guess the total was around $2K? We dont have a policy specific to it though because A.) we are small and B.) it isnt institutional Finance so it isnt likely there are many request for CFA…

My company use to pay after a pass

My present company gives 1K, 2K, and 2K raises for passing LI, LII and LIII, respectively. Much better than one time something. My previous company reimbursed all costs, including a prep course (within limits), on pass.

My company pays for everything only once…if you fail you have to pay it by yourself

thanks for the inputs… so most of the companies pay when you pass…so ‘passing’ is the only condition…nothing else?

My company paid for my registration and schweser notes, and paid the whole bill for flying up to the SSFA seminar in Windsor for both level 1 and level 2. I’m anticipating the same thing for level 3. I paid the costs up front but was reimbursed immediately upon submitting my TOEs. They also surprised me with a $2k bonus after level 2. I should not that I work for a a-typical company. I actually work for a holding company where a single family owns the voting shares.

employer pays for study material and windsor trip, plus a week off for studying…no stipulation on passing or working post-exam. Like landrybj, not a typical company

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I work for a fixed income asset manager ($30 billion AUM, formerly independent but owned by a large bank now). We have the following policy: • Unless previously enrolled in the program, all employees should have a minimum of six months at the firm and/or a minimum of “meets expectations” for their performance review. 1st exam sitting – The firm will meet the following costs on the employee’s behalf, up to a pre agreed budget (most recently $2000), which includes registration and enrollment fees. • Registration fee • Exam enrollment fee • A copy of Stalla training notes • Cost of a CFA Training Course (which must be approved and processed by the Administration Department) • 1 study day • 1 exam day (since the exam typically falls on a Saturday, the employee will be credited with one weekend work day). 2nd exam sitting • Exam enrollment fee • Stalla training notes will be provided, if a set was not given at the 1st exam sitting • 1 study day • 1 exam day (since the exam typically falls on a Saturday, the employee will be credited with one weekend work day). 3rd exam sitting • Exam enrollment fee • Any time off regarding the CFA must be approved in advance and will be charged against the employee’s vacation.

Can you opt for Schweser?

I work in the treasury debt of a $3.5B commercial bank and they pay for nothing.

My employer paid for my registration and additional study materials such as Schweser and practice exams. They also gave me 2 free holidays before the exam to study. I work for an oil and gas company and this is standard depending on size.

I work for an institutional fund in Alberta, Canada - they offer us the following: -cost of tuition -cost of study notes/materials -cost of a one seminar/prep provider and travel expenses -5 study days, in addition to our holidays -bonus of $1000, 1500 and 2500 for passing L1, 2 and 3 respectively. The above is for your first and second attempt - after than reimbursement is based on a pass. If we leave within one year of reimbursement, we’re on the hook to reimburse everything. What we don’t get: -guaranteed salary increases - Parking… (sorry… this is a touchy point around here)

May I ask which one sha_carsie? I’m in Calgary…

May I ask which one sha_carsie? I’m in Calgary… And parking is a HUGE perk.

I work for a broker/dealer in New England. They offer us the following after gaining approval from your manager, hr, and a partner: - CFA registration fee(in advance with receipt) for 1st attempt only at each level - study materials/course (they will be schwesser etc and a CFA review held by our local society) - no one will give you a hard time if you study at work the last few weeks before the exam if you are current with your assignments - lots of recognition for passing any level - a company-wide email and a line on the homepage what we do not get - no guaranteed salary increase/promotion - travel expense - no official study days

Insurance - Pass and the tuition is reimbursed. No budget for additional study material, 2 days off LI, 3 days off LII, 4 days off for LIII and a 5 day study session thrown in. No restrictions on time of service etc…

Really thanks for the input :slight_smile:

My company - an asset manager - you have to be there for a year before you apply for reimbursement, which must be before you register for the exam. They pay up to 2K in registration+fees+study materials. Passing one/all levels will not give you any raise, neither will completion of your MBA. Straight from my boss’es mouth.