Survey: How Relevant Are The Questions At The End of Each Reading...?

Are the questions at the end of each reading in the CFA textbooks: A) very helpful for preparing to take the test B) somewhat helpful for preparing to the the test C) not helpful for preparing to take the test

CFAI just puts those there to throw you off. Expect questions that are completely different, and on topics not covered in the books.

Why isn’t there a choice D)? Oh wait, I remember, it would be one of those ridiculous choices that nobody would select like D) There are no questions at the end of each reading.

The reason I ask is because sometimes I notice that I just spent 25 minutes on a question at the end of a reading, and I am not even certain that the question relates to a corresponding LOS

i think that as far as the relevance goes … we would not find questions that require more than 10 mins to solve on the cfa paper … however they do help you out in aligning the concepts with the quantitative aspect of the paper !!

I agree with beejeea. The long problems you’ll never see on the exam, but they are very useful in learning the entire reading.