Hey All,

Please share how many hours you have spent total studying for the 2014 Level 2 June Exam.


I got 758

How many of those hours were posting to analyst forum?

probablly 700+

Funny because you have way more AF Points than I do… Galli.


All kidding aside, I just breached 262 hour today. Feeling pretty good knowing I have 32 days left with 14 of those days free from work.

is 700 fo real

so you guys actually have timers that you turn on and off when you start/stop studying?

1050 hours

295 hours,

Although I need to do a heck of a lot more work as my first mock yielded a score of only 47%! Anyway, I’m looking to put in at least another 100 more (well maybe 105 to get to an even 400).

I’m using Chronos, which is a timekeeper app.

wow, just checked out the Chronos, never heard of it, but looks pretty awsome, I am going to give it a go.

200-220 hours till now.

50 hours for reading the material and rest devoted to q bank,cfai mocks,cfai eocs,schweser eocs,schweser blue boxes and schweser volume 1 and 2.

Stopped counting. Just live and breath it and you will pass…

Yep, I use the stockwatch on my phone. Turn on while study, off whenever i’m not actually studying. You would be suprised how on task it keeps you when you set a daily target.

Around 270.

I’m at 180 hours, which has covered all Elan Notes, Videos, EOC, and BB across all Readings except for Ethics.

I plan on starting Qbank and Elan PQs tomorrow and will aim for 4-6 full mocks. Going to be a crunch for sure!

That number does not include AF :slight_smile:


Just broke the 200 hour threshold last night. This is my second time writing and I did about 250 last time.

About 245.

  1. Targeting 300. Avg hours per day is growing exponentially.

150-170 (mb even less). AI, ethics and derivatives are left.