Surviving the COVID-19 Outbreak

Dear all my fellow AFers,

In this time of event, I know there’re so many things to worry about. The more I’ve heard from the news and even seen people starting to stock up supplies. It got me thinking how bad things are gonna be in terms of our global economy, jobs, friends, families, and all of our strangers out there. Some people still ignore the facts but some are freaking out now. No matter what, the storm and rain can’t last forever, it will cool down at some point.

I’d like to use this opportunity to say to y’all that please take care of yourself and family. Be kind, safe, and conscious through this hard time. Stay blessed!!



this is twitter from the UK. NSFW (language, MUTE IT)

Some guy home alone having hunkered down to avoid the virus, the cops (I count at least 4) show up in magnum force looking for a “social gathering” and kick his door down.
While enforcing social distancing, the cops are mighty close to each other, and not wearing masks. The lady cop doesn’t put her gloves on until she leaves.
The cops leave without making arrangements to repair the door they broke.


haha bticoin almost got into a fight. he went to get some food at a restaurant. and some dude got mad at him for not wearing a mask. in typical fashion, he responded what are you going to do about it. dude threw a fake punch and he flinched. lol. and thats how you know hes a beta cuz he didnt do nothing about it. anyawys its important to note that if some were to throw a fake punch even just to make you flinch it gives you the right to beat their ass and claim self defense. cuz u can make the argument that they were squaring up. anyways improtant tip of the day!
what i would have done i nthat situation is just say something like. listen im sorry. i forgot. i’ll wear a mask next time. excellent way to descalate the situation. but if you ante up, you gotta go all the way.

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stomp him with those calfs

Fighting in the streets is for poors

very true. but sometimes ppl can be assholes and you have to stand up for yourself. a cuck in the streets is a cuck in the sheets. entirely fictional! but STILL! haha

more from the UK.
When the Brits throw acid in each other’s faces, there’s nary a bobby in sight.
But try going on a picanic. They’ve got the countryside staked out

if you’re wondering why there have been so many covid-19 deaths in nursing homes

some jurisdictions are putting covid-positive patients into nursing homes instead of isolating them, and surprise surprise, a whole bunch of seniors in those nursing homes die

UK does it, NY does it

Italy does it


no glove, no love