Susquehanna Investment Group

I was wondering if anyone here works there? I was having a discussion with a friend and we were wondering if the firm has a slant towards hiring more experienced candidates. For instance does anyone working there feel that the firm tends to hire a smaller proportion of inexperienced candidates than a traditional bulge bracket firm?

I hear its rather competitive. I also hear that they have some solid fringe benefits. A great cafeteria w/ free food, free dry cleaning…pet care. Could be rumor…i havent confirmed.

Bad non-competes. Just say no.

JoeyDVivre Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Bad non-competes. Just say no. why are you so obsessed with non-competes? They are not enforceable!

I suspect Joey will tell you that they are expensive to non-enforce.

Do a search on my posts. I’m sure I have much more first hand knowledge of this than whoever told you they are non-enforceable.

I was mainly intereseted in knowing whether the distribution of experienced hires is skewed at hedge funds creating a different structure than at other financial institutions. Basically, are there less jobs available as a percentage of total positions available for entry level candidates at hedge funds than other financial institutions such as bulge bracket firms, and in particular at Susquehanna.