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Hi, Can anyone show me how to use the HP calculator to solve x ? x/106+x/1065^2+x/107^3=55.341? x=20.9519 Thanks

yeah how can u solve it? u can find a common denominator but…

I’m assuming those 0’s are Decimals: 55.341 = x/1.06 + x/1.065^2 + x/1.07^3 Now the easiest way is to set it up thinking of it in this format: 55.341 = (1/1.06)x + (1/1.065^2)x + (1/1.07^3)x Now in your hp find all those Recipricols by doing for the first one 1.06 [1/x] button: 55.341 = 0.9434x + 0.88166x + 0.8163x Now add up the X terms: 55.341 = 2.64136X X = 20.952 And we are Done.

haha lol yeah why not… please disregard my previous post about the common denominator :slight_smile: