Swap Strategies

CFAI has several swap strategies that are not in Schweser - ex. leveraged floaters, inverse floaters - these strategies are not specifically indentified in the LOSes, but given they are in the assigned readings I assume they are fair game. Unfortunately, they are time consuming to learn. Let me know if you guys are tackling these as I think CFAI might see an opportunity to weed out the schweser people here.

I also wanted to post the same question. Is it advisable to go through something which is not part of LOS? From past experiences, has CFAI ever given something in exam which is not covered in wordings of LOS? Since I never looked at LOS’s before and only relied on Schweser text, I don’t know the answer. Somebody might have looked into this… Please enlighten us. Thanks!

Schweser lays out its material directly against LOS’s. Treynor-Black. Enough said.

But T-B was part of LOS wasn’t it? Only Schweser didn’t cover it properly. Whereas strategies like Inverse floaters, dual currency bonds, swaptions for adding or removing call features, have no mention in LOS.

Last year I studied from Stalla, I was sure I read everything on portfolio mngt. but during the actual exam I was wondering if my stalla book had some missing pages. Now reading the posts I admit that I dont even know the difference between LOS and readings. I thought they were the same.