swaps and front2back

Hi, i’ve got questions about swaps and how are they lodged in a front2back IS.

  1. in fact, what are popular fornt2backs that are not in-house?

  2. how an, for example, IR swap is lodged in such an IS (an example, if possible?)?

  3. what are the steps that usually precede the lodging of a IR swap in a F2B IS for, for example, an asset manager who seeks to reduce his duration? I mean is there calling and negotiation instances between the AM and a bank?

  4. is there any role for a custodian in an IR swap OTC transaction?

  5. and last but not least: the quotations of the ir swap rates that are used to construct a spot curve, where do they come from? people that quote them on the interbank, what do they look upon first before making a quote decision?

thanks and regards, brabz