Swaps and Quantitative Methods

Good luck to everyone in the upcoming exam. Even after various mocks, I am sitll struggling with Swaps and Quantitative Methods. How can I fix these up? Any other available resources online, Q-bank i feel isn’t useful, or maybe keep going over mocks and EOC’s? Anyone please. A desperate candidate…

Its tough to learn both of these at this point if you do not get them.

When I was first learning how to price swaps way back when, I always drew out the time lines, with all the payments, then arrows for what needs to be discounted from where to where. These diagrams help a ton.

Quant? Perhaps at this point concentrate on the vocabulary and memorizing the chart with the 3 primary misspecifications, their cause, effect, detection, and correction. Should at least scrounge some points off that I would imagine.

I know thats not a big help, but hope its something.