swaps---confusing as F@#k!!!

I was reading schweser, following along examples and trying to do questions. STill feel like pushing a big rock up a hill. So i turned into the text and trying to follow examples on swaps, oh boy, it is even worse… cfa text devoted only 30+ pages on swaps, yet every single page seems forever to understand. I feel so dumb right now.

You sound overstudied. I had that last year with level 2 when I was struggling with topics for a month or so that didn’t seem too difficult. After I got some rest and regained energy, things got easier again.

read this… http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?12,749056

What helped me with swaps (and derivatives in general) is doing a lot of problems. When you read the text and try to memorize, the formulas look very abstract and may not make logical sense. But if you analyse some questions to go along with the readings, I bet you’ll pick it up much faster.

Nice one, cpk!

lol i thought i recall that post. glad i am not only one. good. thanks guys! on to portfolio management!