i would like to mention once again that these are bloody confusing as hell more confusing than women

No chance. If women were as easy as swaps my life would be different.

just read swaps today, in schweser. it was ridiculously confusing. is the text any better? text or schweser, aladak? still haven’t figured women (actually woman, i’m married) out either.

ok. so i think i’m ok w/ swaps now. i read the cfa texts and the examples they have in there were the most helpful. So that is what i will do. i’ve only got portfolio mgmt to read in schweser. once i’m done, i’ll start reviewing my weak pts with the texts and the examples.

swaps are very complex… i found the reading unclear… this is one subject where i’d look very closely at LOC and what you actually have to learn. i can’t remember, but i don’t think there’s any way you’re actually doing a valuation model.