Swerving an airplane on landing?


Reader’s Digest version: some guy was on an active runway in Austin, TX. The pilot of the plane landing on the runway tried to maneuver (swerve?) to avoid him. It didn’t work: the plane hit and killed the guy.

it’s likely not the pilot’s fault,
If the man was not authorized to be on the runway, it’s his own fault.
If he was authorized to be there, someone at the airport is at fault

If I’d die that way, I’d want the cause of death to be written on my gravestone. Most people die in diapers in a hospital, getting hit by an airplane is pretty badass compared to that.

Of course it’s not the pilot’s fault.

If he had somehow landed on the wrong runway, the story would have mentioned it.

At a glance this looks like a suicide.

if someone were walking on train tracks and got hit by a train, I’d say it was either suicide (they wanted to get hit) or Death by misadventure (they’re an idiot).
Runways are a lot harder to access than train tracks, so tend to agree with BS.

I dunno. Airplanes are still moving pretty quickly on their approach. You’d have to be lucky, very calculating, or familiar with the typical landing patterns of aircraft in order to pull off a suicide that way. If I were a betting man (I’m not because I have terrible luck), I’d call it drunken misadventure.

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Yeah, I agree. There are easier ways to commit a suicide. I see no reason in commiting a suicide by running around a runway and getting hit by a plance other than maybe attention?