"Swimsuit Model Accused of Heading International Drug Ring Captured"

Here is the completely normal and not random news of the day.

“Simone Farrow, who was once the face of the Ed Hardy brand of bikinis, used 19 different aliases to ship methamphetamine around the world by FedEx and even the postal service, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency and Australian police.”


Now THAT is a HCB.


Yea I’ve heard of people shipping the craziest stuff via Fedex

A swimsuit model handcuffed. Aaaahhhh, that would be a championship pounding from behind.

That girl might be hot, but definitely not classy in my opinion. She strikes me as a girl who would get really annoying (just listen to her voice). And look what she wears, common, classy babes don’t wear track-suits , that just chav. Definitely an HB, but no way is she an HCB.

Frank, if HCB is your brand, you should protect it by not endorsing any and every other tramp just because she looks good in a bikini.

This is clearly some HCB action right here:


Sexy? Indeed.

Though she does have a tramp stamp – not sure what to make of that. Maybe we need a new term: Hot trashy babe (HTB)?

HTB - like it.

You can’t be classy and have a tat. Why women get these is still beyond me. So trashy and so ugly.

Thats some amateur shit.

And trashy, damn I need to move in a different circle because half the broads I know are inked up like that.

Eh… that website has a link called “20 Dominating Female Bodybuilders”. What has been seen… cannot be unseen…

Get dominated, ohai!

we’re taking a vote immediately!!!

HCB yay or nay???


Well, it’s really more of a back tattoo than a tramp stamp (although it looks like a dragon or something, which is kind of silly). It’s the dealing meth that makes me think she is trashy, but I guess I’m not afraid of a little ink.

Wall street bull tattoo on upper arm = trashy.

Family royal crest fallen or loved one’s initial tattoo on upper arm = not classy, but certainly not trashy in my opinon

I vote HTB based on the meth.

i think tattoos are ugly no matter what…and where…i say she isn’t that classy as of right now…i like to hear her political, economic, and moral views (just cause she sells drugs does not make her unclassy)…

She sells reefers on the sea shore.

nothing wrong with that Bchad…she is providing a luxury good to the public…i think her entrepreneurialism is quite impressive…

She sells meth, the least classy drug of them all. It is the hard drug equivalent of drinking a bottle of Roitussin (Robo-tripping). If she was selling white, then she could have some cache.

Meth: http://ksax.com/ksaxImages/meth%20face%207.jpg

Coke: http://www.murderati.com/storage/1.bp.jpeg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1315369780709

Selling meth and being classy are mutually exclusive.