Switch from I-banking to I-mgmt

Every seen that? I am very much inclined to do that …


many people do such a switch. I am sure if you call up a few recruitment consultments, they would be happy to sell you to companies with open positions.

The younger you are, the easier the switch. If you are older, your skillset will not line up with investment management. A lot of bankers seem to take pride in the idea that the only skillset that matters for banking is banking (i.e., research and other CFA type jobs will not help you in ibanking). I would argue that the reverse is true as well – as a hiring manager, why would I prefer an ibanker to someone who has a direct investment management skillset? I wouldn’t. At a young age though, you are still learning the basics – how to model, how to format documents, how to be someone’s bitch, etc. which are transferable.

I’m trying to make the switch as well. Not as easy as it sounds. There is a lot of competition from both the sell/buy-side and positions are scarce (especially in this environment). Hoping that passing level III will open a door or two!