Switch to corporate banking?

I work in Retail banking of india’s most prominent bank. Within the bank I am getting an opportunity to switch to corporate banking and high value advances.

Should I switch or not? … I am a CFA aspirant and want to know if the Experience will count towards CFA charter.

Request to share your valuable view point

switch. and yes if you write it right, you can probably get it to count

Just mention in the job description for CFA Institute that you make decisions about where the Bank should invest its funds. Essentially you are analyzing businesses in different industries and recommending to the Bank whether or not they should invest in that business/industry and how much. From a macro perspective, you are helping the Bank allocate funds in it’s investment portfolio by doing analyses on a micro level (Bottoms up).

ok Thanks a lot Itera and Jonathan

lol, why not? In any case it’s better than the shitty retail banking you’re doing. Also, I used to be in Corporate Banking and know many who are, and yes it counts.

I am curious why people always look down on retail banking? blush

I would not give much thought to whether it will count to the CFA or not. Go for the best career option first, not the designation.