Switching from reading to watching videos

Hey guys!

The material that I used for Level 1 was primarily Kaplan and in some readings I used the CFAI textbook, whenever I found that Kaplan didn’t address with too much detail some sections that has lots of formulas (and specially when I wanted to know how they got the formula). I purchased the Economics section of MM for L1 and it went pretty well. I did it because I only had 2 weeks to study that section before the review month.

Every suggestion of 3rd party prep provider for L2 points to go with MM. For L1 I took extensive notes (something that MM suggests not doing since it doesn’t help to retain information, they just give you the sensation of familiarization), and I found that I, with some extent, retained more information.

Now, switching from Kaplan (reading + taking extensive notes) to MM (watching videos + taking few notes) gives me the sensation of not really studying. I love reading and taking notes, but I have read that Kaplan for L2 doesn’t have the same value as L1, specially when there is the option of using MM.

For people that has been in this kind of situation, how did you handle to switch this type of studying? from reading to watching videos? I don’t feel too comfortable of not taking too many notes, like I don’t know where to refrain again. Also, I feel kind of lost with this approach, since I don’t have the description of the LOS (I’m waiting for the results of L1, I don’t have the CFAI textbook to refrain from).

Any suggestion, tip, advise, I would love to read from you guys!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The material I’m using for my level 2 preparation is primarily IFT videos and for practice I’m solving blue box and eoc from curriculum. I’m referring Wiley notes only when I cannot understand some concepts from videos otherwise videos lectures from good preprovider is more than enough to understand the entire concepts and to clear the exam.