Switching Jobs too Quickly

When is this a problem for buyside recruiting?

What is a long enough stint as a SS ER Associate? I see a lot of guys doing 2-3 years before moving to buyside, is that normal?

I have quite a few questions on the topic of buyside recruiting after an associate stint but there isn’t a ton of info on this out there.

2-3 years is fine. Most people stay that long in their analyst jobs (in this case “associate”), although banks are trying to extend that period nowadays.

2-3 years is fine to search for a new job. It’s not uncommon for younger workers to change jobs frequently in pursuit of their career goals or to better their salary. While some prospective employers see moving jobs as ambitious and go-getting, to others it sends out the wrong signals entirely.



Thanks guys.

Do most SS ER associates find their next job on web portals or through their network? I would definitely hope that a client eventually tried to recruit me

Most of them probably get hired from online job postings, to be honest. Lower level jobs tend to be more like that. Although, once you apply, you definitely want to cold call some people in the office, or have a friend in the company hand them your resume personally. Once you have say, 5 years of experience, your skills are more specialized and recruiters will call you.